NDA Guidance on Retaining employees who acquire a disability

1 Dec 2011

Retaining employees who acquire a disability: A guide for employers

The National Disability Authority today (1st December) launched the above guide. It provides employers with the simple, key steps to help employees who have acquired a disability to stay in work and should also prove useful to unions seeking to represnt members in such a position. The guidance is based on research evidence and good practice. It has been reviewed by an external consultation panel which included public and private sector employers, trade unions, disability organisations and relevant state agencies.

Speaking at the launch, Norman Croke (former Head of Siptu College) made the case that any such guidance or policies should be supported by workplace training for managers and employees. He also stated that employers, during these challenging times especially when people are being asked to do more with less resources, need to be aware of the kind of workplace cluture that pervades and work to ensure that it does not lead to more workplace stress.

Guidelines available here