The Global Solidarity Development Education Project

The Global Solidarity Development Education programme was established in 2008 and over this time we have trained close to 100 Global Solidarity champions within our affiliates, produced a range of resources and raised awareness amongst our members of the plight of workers around the world.

To meet the needs of our members and improve the programme, please give us your feedback by complete the followig survey.

The Case against Qatar hosting FIFA World Cup 2022

Issued on July 29, 2014

RERun picCongress will be presenting the case against Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 at the Mother Jones Festival in Cork today 30 July 2014.

You can view ITUC video about conditions for migrant workers in Qatar here

The campaign website Rerun the Vote !

Full presentation here

New Guardian expose: Trapped in Qatar: The Migrants who helped build "Tower of Football"

Wrong time to ratify EU/Colombian Free Trade Agreement!

Issued on May 28, 2014

Ratification of the EU/Colombian Free Trade Agreement will be before the Dáil in the coming weeks. Please add your name to this petition to tell our TD’s & Senators that it is the wrong time to approve this agreement.

Murders, disappearances; threats & intimidation of trade unionists, human rights defenders and lawyers continue unabated. Colombia is still the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist.


Ran Plaza 1 year on

Issued on April 30, 2014

It is now over one year since the terible disaster killed 1138 people in Rana Plaza, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  What has changed?

John Rana PlazaA full list of companies that have contributed to the Rana Plaza Trust Fund can be found here and a full list of companies that have signed the Accord can be found here.

Congress participated in a Clean Clothes Campaign Event to mark the Anniversary in Grafton Street last week

Tailored Wages – new report investigates clothing brands’ work on living wages

Issued on April 01, 2014

Publication cover - TailoredWages-Ireland MARCH2014 (1) - Cover image for TailoredWages-Ireland MARCH2014 (1)
Cover image for TailoredWages-Ireland MARCH2014 (1)

A Survey of 39 leading clothing brands on the Irish high-street show they must do much more to ensure garment workers receive a wage they can live on. The Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland have launched ‘Tailored Wages’ an in depth study of what the leading 39 clothing brands on the Irish and European high-street are doing to ensure that the workers who produce the clothes they sell are paid a living wage. Based on a multi brand survey “Tailored Wages” found that whilst half of those surveyed included wording in their codes of conduct saying that wages should be enough to meet workers' basic needs; only four brands – Inditex (Zara), Marks & Spencers, Switcher and Tchibo - were able to show any clear steps towards implementing this – and even they have a long way to go before a living wage becomes a reality for the garment workers that produce for them.

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Release Kim Jung-woo

Issued on March 20, 2014

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Amnesty International Ireland have written to, Park, Geun-hye, President of the Republic of Korea, calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Kim Jung-woo, who was detained solely for exercising his right to freedom of association. We also call for the government to recognise the right of trade unionists to carry out their work without harassment or arrest, in accordance with international human rights law. Full letter here

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