The Global Solidarity Development Education Project

The Global Solidarity Development Education programme was established in 2008 and over this time we have trained close to 100 Global Solidarity champions within our affiliates, produced a range of resources and raised awareness amongst our members of the plight of workers around the world.

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Is a World Cup game worth 100 lives?

Issued on April 06, 2016

board qatar

More than 7,000 workers will die preparing Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, according to estimates based on Qatar’s own records. Each game will have cost the lives more than 100 workers. If this isn’t stopped will you still want to watch?Qatar’s World Cup is being built on the back of modern slavery. Qatar’s laws mean workers preparing the country to host the tournament are effectively owned by their employers. They are housed in squalid accommodation, go unpaid for months and have to work on lethal construction sites. Worst of all, they can’t leave their jobs, even when their lives are at risk and their contract is torn up and replaced with one offering far less money: employers can trap them in the country, forcing them to put up with terrible treatment and breaching their human rights.  

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2016 - a key year for promotion of Decent Work internationally

Issued on April 01, 2016


Terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis during 2015 should not blind us to some of the highly significant and positive developments internationally over the year. The year saw two major international agreements that, if fully implemented, could help stem the rise of both and improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. The summit ­ in New York to set new sustainable development goals and later in Paris where the historic global agreement on climate change was agreed – all offer hope in an otherwise difficult period. Both agreements have trade union fingerprints on them and have huge significance for trade unions and their members around the world.

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Trade Unions for Climate Justice

Issued on November 27, 2015

Peoples March

Update December 12 - Historic Paris deal recognises the reality of the climate threat, but only takes us part of the way. Read full ITUC response here

Broadly welcome elements:

  • A universal agreement reached after long and complex negotiations
  • Th long term goal which refers to 1.5 C°
  • A periodic review exercise which will hopefully intensify the global action      on climate change

Agreement lacking:

  • The lack of figures and calendar for finance. Article 9 is basically empty
  • The huge gap between the long term objective and the aggregate effect of the nationally determined contributions
  • The absence of reference to human rights and just transition in the operative part of the text. They are in the preamble however which is an achievement union negotiators can be proud of.

Brian Kohler's Blog on COP21 for Industriall - here

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7th Annual Global Solidarity Summer School

Issued on August 28, 2015


Our 7th Annual Global Solidarity Summer School took place in UCC Cork 28/29 August 2015

You can see all the pics here:

Opening remarks by Congress President, Brian Campfield

Keynote address by Alison Tate, ITUC here

Shane Darcy, NUIG Centre for Human Rights, on business and human rights here

Congress submission on business and human rights

Sorley McCaughey on taxation here

Micheal Collins of NERI on taxation here

Rachel Mullen from Claiming our Future on the FTT campaign

You can learn more about The True Cost film here

Social Media as a campaigning tool:

Framework Agreements - Alke Boesigger, UNI


  • Barry Finnegan - Attac Ireland Info on TTIP Information Network here
  • Esther Lynch - See trade union perspective on TTIP here and here

Mayor Charter

Global Solidarity at our BDC 2015

Issued on July 13, 2015

Mags and John BDC - Congress President John Douglas presents a momento to Mags O'Brien, Chair of Global Solidarity, at BDC 2015
Congress President John Douglas presents a momento to Mags O'Brien, Chair of Global Solidarity, at BDC 2015

A range of international issues highlighted from our recent BDC


 Conference also saw launch of our Standing up for Palestine campaign

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