The Global Solidarity Development Education Project

The Global Solidarity Development Education programme was established in 2008 and over this time we have trained close to 100 Global Solidarity champions within our affiliates, produced a range of resources and raised awareness amongst our members of the plight of workers around the world.

To meet the needs of our members and improve the programme, please give us your feedback by complete the followig survey.

Business and Human Rights

Issued on November 06, 2014


Congress is pleased to be participating in the Department of Foreign Affairs Forum on Business and Human Rights in Dublin Castle tomorrow. (7 Nov 2014)

The theme is a welcome one and among the speakers is Dwight Justice from the ITUC

Dwight will be presenting a trade union perspective on the theme, informed by these documents:

ITUC Guide for union on UN Framework;

Joint paper on due diligence and Freedom of Association;

Civil society organisation will be present tomorrow and have contributed to a series of blogs on the topic in the run up to the event.

Why not follow the event on Twitter? #HumanRightsIrl @humanrightsirl

David Joyce is also speaking at the event and will be tweeting from @djoyce18

Day of Action for Cambodia

Issued on September 17, 2014

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In early October, the Labour Advisory Committee in Cambodia is to announce a new minimum wage for workers in the garment, textile and footwear industry, which generates US$5 billion in revenue for the country. At this critical juncture, a coalition of Cambodian garment unions has called for international solidarity to support their demands for a raise in the minimum wage from US$100 to US$177 a month. 

IndustriALL Global Union, the ITUC and UNI Global Union are jointly asking affiliates to join Cambodian unions in a Day of Action on today 17 September and organize protests at Cambodian embassies to demand a living wage for garment workers.  

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The Case against Qatar hosting FIFA World Cup 2022

Issued on July 29, 2014

RERun picCongress will be presenting the case against Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 at the Mother Jones Festival in Cork today 30 July 2014.

You can view ITUC video about conditions for migrant workers in Qatar here

The campaign website Rerun the Vote !

Full presentation here

New Guardian expose: Trapped in Qatar: The Migrants who helped build "Tower of Football"

Wrong time to ratify EU/Colombian Free Trade Agreement!

Issued on May 28, 2014

Ratification of the EU/Colombian Free Trade Agreement will be before the Dáil in the coming weeks. Please add your name to this petition to tell our TD’s & Senators that it is the wrong time to approve this agreement.

Murders, disappearances; threats & intimidation of trade unionists, human rights defenders and lawyers continue unabated. Colombia is still the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist.


Ran Plaza 1 year on

Issued on April 30, 2014

It is now over one year since the terible disaster killed 1138 people in Rana Plaza, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  What has changed?

John Rana PlazaA full list of companies that have contributed to the Rana Plaza Trust Fund can be found here and a full list of companies that have signed the Accord can be found here.

Congress participated in a Clean Clothes Campaign Event to mark the Anniversary in Grafton Street last week

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