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Is a World Cup game worth 100 lives?

Issued on April 06, 2016 at 11:37 AM

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More than 7,000 workers will die preparing Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, according to estimates based on Qatar’s own records. Each game will have cost the lives more than 100 workers. If this isn’t stopped will you still want to watch?Qatar’s World Cup is being built on the back of modern slavery. Qatar’s laws mean workers preparing the country to host the tournament are effectively owned by their employers. They are housed in squalid accommodation, go unpaid for months and have to work on lethal construction sites. Worst of all, they can’t leave their jobs, even when their lives are at risk and their contract is torn up and replaced with one offering far less money: employers can trap them in the country, forcing them to put up with terrible treatment and breaching their human rights.  

Recent investigations by Amnesty International & the International Labour Organisation have shown that despite promises of reform by Qatar’s government, the reality for its workers has barely changed at all.  

FIFA claims it “can’t change the world,” -  but it can, and should, force its World Cup hosts to play by the rules.   

If this issue makes you angry why not organise an event to raise awareness among soccer fans on the island of Ireland.  Contact you local Trades Council for information and leaflets which you can encourage fans to take a campaign selfie and send it to or tweet it using the @playfairirl and #PlayfairQatar

First action is evening of Friday 8th April at the Cork City vs Wexford Youths at Turners Cross

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