Proposed Legislation to tackle Low Hour and Precarious Work "quite positive"

2 May 2017

Low Wage Protest

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has described as “quite positive” new proposals to tackle zero hour and precarious work practices.

This follows the approval by government of draft legislation to strengthen the regulation of such practices, from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and & Innovation.

Responding to the decision, Congress General Secretary Patricia King said: “This is an issue that Congress has been active on for some time and we see much of what is contained in this draft legislation as quite positive.

“Congress has pressed the need for legal change to counter the downward pressure on standards that has resulted from zero hour, low hour and precarious work practices.

“Indeed, such practices were central to a number of high-profile disputes in the retail sector in recent years, which gave rise to a study from the University of Limerick (UL) on the extent and pervasiveness on low hour contracts and the increased casualisation of work,” Ms King said.

“Congress believes that the proposed prohibition on zero hour contracts in the draft legislation is positive and progressive, but believes that issues remain to be resolved with regard to the appropriate rate of pay that will apply.

“The fact that the legislation will provide for employees being furnished with their contract of employment within five days of starting work, as a matter of right, is also a positive development.

“Congress notes that the draft legislation would entitle workers to request banded hour contracts, based on their established pattern of working hours, something that would be hugely beneficial to workers across the economy, helping to create more certainty around their hours of work and greater security of income,” Ms King said.

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