National Women's Strategy Measures can 'Deliver for Women Workers'

3 May 2017


The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has said that a number of measures included in the newly-published National Women’s Strategy had the capacity “to ensure real improvements for women workers, if they are fully-implemented and delivered upon.”

Responding to the publication of the National Women’s Strategy, Congress Equality Officer David Joyce said: “In our own submission we highlighted the need to act on the gender pay gap and we note that the Strategy contains an important new provision on this - with companies of more than 50 employees being required to complete wage surveys and report gender pay gaps.

“This is an important step in tackling gender-based pay inequality and we look forward to seeing this measure fully implemented."

Mr Joyce also said the inclusion in the Strategy of an extended provision for breastfeeding breaks in the workplace was a positive measure, but said Congress was disappointed at the failure to commit to the Living Wage, for female workers.