Affiliated Unions & Trades Councils

There are unions for all groups of workers; industrial, professional, managerial, clerical or unskilled. Unions in Ireland have been consistently increasing their membership, of whom some 50% are now women. There are 44 unions affiliated to Congress in 2017 with a total membership of 723,976, of whom 527,048 are in the republic and 196, 928in Northern Ireland. There are 27 Trades Councils, representing groups of unions at local/regional level, affiliated to Congress covering both the Republic and Northern Ireland. In addition, the Congress Centres Network operates 23 centres, offering training and advisory services at local level.


A note on telephone numbers:

The telephone contact numbers for unions as listed on the site are generally given as dialled from the Republic of Ireland. Belfast codes, for example, are listed as 04890. If calling from the UK, this should be replaced with 02890.

Affiliates are categorised under the following headings:-