Conference Motions


Session 3 : Equality and Discrimination

Motion 16 :

This motion is due to be discussed on Wednesday 03 July between 12:00 PM and 01:00 PM.

As predicted by a series of Congress resolutions at successive Biennial Conferences, inequality has widened and discrimination has deepened across both jurisdictions. Much of this widening inequality is a result not only of economic crises but is also due to direct actions and omissions by Governments. These actions and omissions have had an adverse impact on the most vulnerable in society.

Congress reaffirms our commitment to create a fairer, better, more equal society. To this end we prioritise the following:

a.  to develop, within the trade union movement, impact assessments of our own actions in policy-making, at the bargaining table with employers and in our negotiations with Governments to ensure that we are genuinely contributing to the elimination of discrimination and the promotion of equality of opportunity, with a particular emphasis on the core equality categories;

b. We call on both Governments to introduce an equality and human rights based budgeting approach to economic policy-making and planning across the island. This framework would place equality and human rights at the centre of future programmes for Government, budgets and investment strategies;

c. We opposed the decision to merge the Equality Authority and the Irish Human Rights Commission. We believe that such a move is counter to the provisions of the Good Friday Agreement and compromises the independent and internationally recognised status of the IHRC. Congress is equally concerned that there are political moves in Northern Ireland which could also compromise the position of the NI Human Rights Commission. Consequently we call on both Governments to rethink their approaches on this matter;

d. We call on the Irish Government to urgently introduce legislation to give effect to the promised statutory duty on the public sector to promote equality of opportunity.

Proposing Union : Executive Council