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Posted on January 22, 2016

Esther Lynch:   - ETUC Confederal Secretary
Esther Lynch:
ETUC Confederal Secretary

ETUC Confederal Secretary Esther Lynch on the strange case of the Spanish workers known as the ‘Airbus 8’, who face trial next month on charges brought under a Franco era statute

Even now, four decades after his death, the ghost of Franco still haunts Spanish public and political life.

In 2011, a map revealing the existence of more than 2000 mass graves containing over 120,000 victims of Franco’s ‘White Terror’ was published by the Spanish government. 

To date, only a small minority of those graves have been excavated. 

In addition, it is estimated that a further 20,000 died in the purges and revenge killings that began with the triumph of Franco’s Falangist forces, in 1939.

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