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People Deserve Better from Government

Posted on May 20, 2016

Patricia King - Congress General Secretary
Patricia King
Congress General Secretary

General Secretary Patricia King outlnes the key policy prioriteies that Congress has put to the new government. (The full document Policy Priorities for Workers is available to download ) 

The new government may fall short on numbers, but it cannot afford to fall short on ambition. 

Their ambition should be as big and bold as that which inspired the revolutionary generation of men and women we are now commemorating. 

Too many lives have been scarred over recent years; too high a price paid by working people – and those denied work – for a crisis not of their making.

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Don't Hold the Front Page

Posted on April 26, 2017

Seamus Dooley - NUJ
Seamus Dooley

Ahead of World Press Freedom Day and as Ireland drops in the Press Freedom rankings, NUJ Acting General Secretary Seamus Dooley says yes, there is a crisis in the media and yes, we should be worried 

Those who lament the passing of the traditional newspaper are in danger of sounding like a blacksmith bemoaning the arrival of the automobile.

The digital revolution has swept away old certainties and challenged our assumptions about ‘news’.The fact that everyone can become a reporter is empowering. No longer do you have to buy ink by the barrel in order to exercise power and influence.

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Posted on January 07, 2016

Owen Tudor - Head of the TUC’s European Union & International Relations Department
Owen Tudor
Head of the TUC’s European Union & International Relations Department

The TUC's Owen Tudor reports on the UK government's ongoing assault on union rights and why Valentine's Day may be a little different this year

On Monday (11 January), the UK’s House of Lords began detailed consideration of the government’s Trade Union Bill, the latest attempt to relive the Thatcherite dream of 'taking on' the trade unions and restricting our ability to defend workers’ rights and public services.

The Bill emerged largely unscathed from the House of Commons before Christmas, although the government was forced to concede some ground on the more alarming attacks on the right to strike – such as the Orwellian requirement that unions should advise the police and employers of union social media strategies (but not vice versa.)

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