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European Pillar of Social Rights Offers New Hope for Social Europe

Posted on December 16, 2016

Esther Lynch:   - ETUC Confederal Secretary
Esther Lynch:
ETUC Confederal Secretary

The EU is slowly emerging from the worst economic crisis in its history.

One of major casualties of that crisis was the European Social Model, undermined and weakened by the official response to a meltdown in the financial system.

Fundamental social rights and public services have been sacrificed. But an EU focused only in the market will not maintain the support and trust of workers and citizens.

With a third of workers across the EU struggling to make ends meet, Europe urgently needs a new social pact.

We need more Social Europe.

We need a vision that is bold enough to redress the glaring imbalance in the current model, that restores the primacy of livelihoods and living standards in EU policy.

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Can the EU Social Summit Deliver for Working People?

Posted on November 16, 2017

Esther Lynch - ETUC Confederal Secretary
Esther Lynch
ETUC Confederal Secretary

As the Social Summit opens in Gothenburg, the ETUC's Esther Lynch asks if the EU can deliver real gains for working people

‘Fair Jobs and Growth’ is a key focus of the much-heralded Social Summit in Gothenburg, a theme that many feel has been long neglected by an EU more concerned with fiscal rules than the well-being of working people.

And there is something concrete and worthwhile to discuss: President Juncker’s European Pillar of Social Rights.

The Pillar comprises 20 commitments and rights including “the right to fair wages”, the right to a high level of health and safety protection at work and “the right to adequate social protection.”

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Posted on March 16, 2016

Dr Peter Rigney
Dr Peter Rigney

Dr. Peter Rigney looks at the problems that bedevil childcare in Ireland and outlines how we can move to a high-quality, acessible and affordable model

‘Policy failure’ is a polite term used to describe the inability or unwillingness of governments and assorted lawmakers to deliver solutions to pressing problems, or to anticipate and avert disaster.

The banking crisis and our resulting economic collapse was a policy failure of epic proportions, even if a succession of inquiries and reports has, as yet, failed to apportion blame and suitable punishment.

The homeless crisis is another, more recent example of a systemic political inability to act decisively when there is pressing and obvious social need.

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Posted on October 30, 2015

Owen Tudor - Head of the TUC’s European Union & International Relations Department
Owen Tudor
Head of the TUC’s European Union & International Relations Department

By Owen Tudor*


The TUC has long been committed to the model of Social Europe as outlined by Jacques Delors.

The deal he set out is still the only deal in town: a free trade area, but not unfettered free trade In other words:

  • Rights at work to counterbalance the right to trade,
  • Free movement of labour, goods and capital,
  • Decent work with social dialogue, social protection and public services ,
  • And a successful, competitive economy in which wealth is shared fairly.

And what we got in the early years was pretty much what Delors promised.

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