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Creating Workplaces that Protect Whistleblowers

Posted on March 23, 2017

Stephanie Casey - Stephanie Casey, Transparency International
Stephanie Casey
Stephanie Casey, Transparency International

Stephanie Casey outlines how we can create a workplace culture that is supportive of whistleblowing. Stephanie is the Integrity at Work Programme Manager with Transparency International Ireland

Whistleblowing is acknowledged as one of the most effective ways to expose institutional wrongdoing

But despite the pivotal role whistleblowers have played in exposing abuse in our financial sector, healthcare and law enforcement systems, they are routinely penalised by employers and viewed with suspicion by work colleagues.

The Protected Disclosures Act 2014 (PDA) offers hope to whistleblowers – and the public – that behaviour and attitudes towards those who speak up will now change.

The PDA was welcomed as a new standard for whistleblower legislation worldwide. Nevertheless, it alone cannot bring about much-needed institutional and cultural reform.

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Posted on March 07, 2016

Patricia King Womens Conference
Patricia King Womens Conference

To mark International Women’s Day, Congress General Secretary Patricia King looks at how far we have to go to achieve real equality


Gender inequality remains a persistent feature of life on this island.

Women are disadvantaged in work and still carry a disproportionate responsibility for unpaid care work.  Women are also severely underrepresented in the political, economic and administrative systems.   

Women are specifically referenced in the Irish Constitution - but there is no reference to gender equality and no reference to fathers. 

The highly controversial 8th Amendment recognises foetal rights as equal to the rights of pregnant women. Consequently, provisions for women’s reproductive health are highly restrictive. 


But women are over-represented among people on Low Pay and in precarious work.  

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