Rest Assured Hotels

Rest Assured Hotels


In these recessionary times it is more important than ever that trade unionists display solidarity with other trade unionists. Members of unions should support establishments that employ union labour and offer decent terms and conditions of employment.

We have compiled this list of unionised hotels (click on image to the left to download file) so that you can make an informed choice about the hotels with which you do business. Each of the hotels listed here recognises their employees' right to be collectively represented by their trade union. Where possible, trade unionists should choose these hotels for overnights, meetings, conferences and short breaks.

By choosing a union hotel over a non-union establishment you are playing your part in protecting the livelihood of fellow trade unionists. A number of union hotels have decided to offer deals exclusively to trade union members. I think that you will find that these are positioned to compete with any equivalent hotelier, even those that mistreat employees and fail to pay the proper rate for the job. By availing of these deals you are making the informed choice, supporting union jobs and getting good value for your money.

David Begg
General Secretary