Noreside Resource Centre

3 St Canice's Court,
Dean Street,
County : Kilkenny
Tel : 056-776 2146

Co-ordinator : Yvonne Moriarty
Co-ordinator Email :

About this Centre:
The Noreside Resource Centre for the Unemployed is in existence since 1987 and have been involved with Social and Community Employment since its inception.
A large number of people who have participated on these programmes over the years have in many cases found a purpose to their lives and have gone on to find full time employment. In
terms of meeting the objectives of our project we would have to state that as providers of services to some of the most vulnerable members of the community our objectives
are of necessity both recurring and ongoing. We assist people in making their lives better whether it is by giving them social outlet to nurture their personal development, or the
satisfaction that they got the job they wanted through their involvement as participants either at our Resource Centre or through our educational programmes at the Education
Centre. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions along with the Network of Centres for the Unemployed are looking at new ways of servicing the changing needs of the public, taking into
consideration the changing economy and increasing social abuse, ex-offenders and the increasing problems associated with asylum seekers. Noreside Education Centre
All successful organizations know that it takes more than a good plan to succeed in business. It takes an empowered organization, focused on realistic goals, with impassioned
leadership. It takes vision. It takes consensus. It takes a sense of purpose! The Noreside Education Centre empowers people to learn new skills, interact with each other, become socially
aware and become mature people within society. Achieving personal development through giving people an opportunity to return to education and for them to understand that education is life-long learning.
The primary goal of our centre is to offer Computer Training to the public. We achieve this by delivery courses that needs of the public no matter how big or how small those needs may be.
The Noreside Education Centre is here to provide our region with effective and affordable computer application training in a friendly, state-of-the-art training facility. We believe what makes The Noreside
Education Centre special is the initiative and high calibre of our staff, our dedication to professionalism and quality in creating and supporting outstanding training and our team spirit.
We are committed to providing you with high quality tools and a learning environment conductive to learning. Most importantly, The Noreside Resource Centre wants to
provide the public with the opportunity for growth. We hope that you will find our courses challenging, interesting, and fun. We are conveniently situated in the heart of Kilkenny City
and our modern bright computer rooms create a nice relaxed atmosphere to study and learn. We run numerous FETAC Accredited Courses suited to beginners’ right up to experienced users, and we also provide
courses in ECDL standard and advanced as well as one to one tuition at whatever subject/level is required. Due to the numerous enquires we received as a result of limited internet access, we now provide an ‘Internet Café’ to the people
in Kilkenny with a reduced rate for people receiving Social Welfare Payments.

Computer Learning Centre
The computer learning centre provides Book Keeping,Payroll, Communications, Customer Services, Desk Top
Publishing, Reception, Retail Selling, Spread Sheets, The Internet, Word Processing, ECDL. Secretarial Services
The secretarial service is used by unemployed and employed persons, students and the general public. Those in receipt of
Social Welfare payments are offered a reduced rate. This service provides help with compiling CV’s, letters,
assignments, projects and all other typing requirements. This service also provides real work experience for CE
Workers. In addition to improving their skills, it also affords them the opportunity to meet and deal with the public,
which in turn will enhance their confidence.

Board of management: John Cooney (Chairperson), Margaret Butler (Secretary), Bernard Scott (Director), St. John Donovan