CCN Priorities 2015 - 2016

  • Promotion of Best Practice and Quality Assured Training Provision to ensure consistently high standards that meet clients’ needsTo Provide Expertise & Support to Board of Management of Congress Centres Network & Trade Unions Affiliated to ICTU
  • First point of contact for Congress Centres Network, Trade Unions/SOLAS/POBAL/DSP/C&V Pillar and many other statutory and non-statutory bodies.
  • To maintain, strengthen and improve existing core services and to develop appropriate new and innovative responses to the changing labour market addressing a variety of client groups on behalf of a range of funding bodies. Upskilling of union members.  Recruitmentof new members to Trade Union Movement. Dissemination of Rights and Entitlements of Unemployed Workers

  • Accessing learners for labour activation programmes, re-training and career change training in their local community Identify funding streams for Congress Centres Network

  • Continuous Professional Development for CE Supervisors, their staff and client users;