Congress National Women's Seminar - Cork 4/5th March 2011

3 Mar 2011

Video recorded by Paula Geraghty

The Congress National Women's Seminar took place last weekend (4/5th March 2011) on the eve of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. Tary Trainor and Carol O'Brien at ICTU Joint Women's Committee SeminarTaryn Trainor and Carol O'Brien Joint Chairs of Congress Women's Committee (Pic Paula Geraghty)More than 150 women gathered to discuss the Impact of the Recession on Women's Rights and how trade unions are responding. Maire Mulcahy and Ann PiggottASTI Delegates, Maire Mulcahy (Vice Chair of Congress Women's Committee) and Ann Piggott who also welcomed delegates on behalf of the Cork Council of Trade Unions (Pic Paula Geraghty)

See "A Woman's place is in her union" vox pop from the conference on front page of Congress website.

See programme here and all presentations below.

Ann Piggott welcome to delegates footage;

Jack O'Connor footage of keynote address;

Sinead Pentony of TASC, and video footage

Pamela Dooley of NICICTU on the impact of the cuts on Women;

Deirdre Duffy, ICCL on the Universal Periodic Review and Women's Rights (See footage)

Vinie Burrows on CEDAW footage

Deirdre Duffy Irish Council for Civil Liberties at ICTU Joint Women's Committee SeminarDeirdre Duffy, ICCL (Pic Paula Geraghty)


Congress Women's Committee and the Trade Union Friends of Palestine also celebrated International Women's day, linking up live, through satellite with women from Palestine.

The National Women's Council of Ireland also launched its Women's Charter for Equality on International Women's Day. Congress President Jack O Connor was Jack O'Connor at ICTU Joint Women's Committee SeminarCongress President, Jack O'Connor at ICTU Joint Women's Committee Seminaramong the speakers in European Union House, where he made the case for equality being good for all in society.Esther Lynch of Congress also spoke at an event on Domestic Workers' Rights in the Wood Quay venue.

The seminar took place during Fairtrade Fortnight (28 Feb to 13 March), the theme of which is: 'Show off your label'.