Report on Workplace Diversity Challenge Fund

26 Jul 2012

SIPTU resources

Congress was granted money in 2011 from the the office for the promotion of integration of migrants in the Department of Justice and Equality, via the Equality Authority, to help build the capacity of trade unions to play a positive role in supporting workplace diversity. We launched the 'Challenge Fund' for trade unions to undertake specific actions in support of workplace diversity. The 'Challenge Fund' competition was one under which trades unions can bid for funding for innovative actions to enable trades unions to play a positive and proactive role in support of workplace diversity. Here is a report on those activities:

  • Siptu successfully bid for a project to support workplace equality in an ethnically diverse contract cleaning sector. The project helped in generating the active participation of migrant workers in SIPTU's Fair Deal for Cleaners Campaign. More here
  • The TEEU successfully launched a a new Guide: "Equality and Diversity - a Guide for TEEU Workplace Representatives". The launch was performed by Ms Kathleen Lynch, TD, Minister of State, Department of Health and Department of Justice, Equality and Defence with responsibility for Disability, Equality, Mental Health and Older People, who spoke about the importance of such practical tools for combating discrimination in workplaces. More here
  • The PSEU undertook a survey to indicate the extent to which Civil Service Departments have undertaken training programmes dealing with anti-racism and intercultural issues. Among the findings were: 61% did not know if their employer had an equality policy with a specific anti-racism component; 68% report that their employer's poilicy is not very well known; 4.5% witnessed a colleague being the subject racism in the past year; 26% witnessed racist remarks by colleagues about clients/customers; 20% report having been offered training dealing with anti-racism/intercultural issues. More here
  • UNITE sucessfully bid for a project to promote Dignity & Respect at Work among members employed in ABP Meats. 10 people from varying ethnic backgrounds attended a course in Tipperary in April 2012. Course materials were available in different languages and covered subjects such as; Dignity & Respect at Work, Defining Discrimination, Challenging Bullying & Harassment and Equality & the Law. The union is satisfied and confident that the members and representatives who attended now have the skills, knowledge, competence and confidence to promote, champion and advocate Dignity & Respect and Equality Awareness in their workplace. That assessment is based upon the attendance, participation, involvement and contribution of each of the attendees on the course. Further, the Union is confident that the attendees will play a more proactive and participative role not just in the Union but also in their communities.