Congress supports the 16 Days of Action Campaign to end Violence against Women

25 Nov 2013

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John Delaney (FAI), Jack O'Connor (SIPTU), Alan O'Neill (Men's Development Network), Diarmuid dePaor (ASTI), Miriam O'Callaghan (RTE); Liam Doran (INMO), Minister Brian Hayes T.D. and David Joyce (ICTU) at launch of White Ribbon Campaign in Dublin today (Pic: Robbie Reynolds Photography)

Congress today (25 November - UN Day for the elimination of violence against Women) expressed ita active support for the 16 Days against Violence Against Women Campaign.

Last week our Executive Council took the decision to play an active role in the campaign. 

Among the initiatves taken were the launch of a survey to find out more about how domestic violence affects working life and the role that employers, colleagues, and union reps can play in supporting those experiencing domestic abuse.Domestic violence may happen behind closed doors but it has far reaching consequences and is known to have an impact on the working lives of those living with an abusive partner. We are launching this survey with our colleagues in the TUC, STUC and WTUC and would like to hear from anyone who has either experienced domestic violence themselves or has a friend or colleague who has experienced domestic violence.

Men of the movement also added their voices to the campaign by participating in the launch by the Men's Development Network of this year's White Ribbon CampaignASTI have also been actively supporting the campaignDB Wh RibbonCongress General Secretary, David Begg, adds his voice to the White Ribbon Campaign

Unite members at Thermo King in Galway donned white ribbons as part of the 16 day campaign. Coleman Conneely is the Unite convenor at Thermo King and he said that  “Solidarity is fundamental to trade unionism – solidarity not just with our fellow workers, but with all those whose human rights are being attacked, whether at home in Ireland or around the world.  Violence against women – in the workplace, on the streets or in the home – is a crucial human rights issue.  That is why Unite members here in Thermo King were proud to demonstrate their solidarity with women victims of violence".Thermo King 281113UNITE members at Thermo King Galway in support of 16 Days Campaign

Congress is also a supporter of Safe Ireland's Man Up campaign

It is also worth reminding ourselves about the 2012 revision of the CODE OF PRACTICE ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND HARASSMENT AT WORK - here

Other Trade Union Initiatives:

Our efforts are among hundreds of trade union inititives around the globe today.  As sexual harassment is not yet the subject of any binding international convention, delegates at the second ITUC World Women’s Conference made a strong call for an ILO Convention to stop gender-based violence at work.

UNI Global Union has a campaign to fight against violence against women, in order to help Break the Circle! of violence. This year they decided to give a different approach to our campaign. "Gender violence is a problem that concerns both men and women, and we wanted to focus on the role of men and include them as agents of change. This is why we decided to call this year's campaign:  "BE MAN ENOUGH. BE A LEADER AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE".

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today launched a global  campaign to denounce violence against women journalists and alert public authorities on their need to to end impunity for  these crimes. 
This campaign is a response to the numerous cases of women journalists being threatened, attacked, harassed, raped or even killed in the course of their profession.

The International Transport Workers federation Action guide on Violence against Women here

 And, Public Services International launched a poster campaign: "Violence against women is an age-old problem – it is time to end it now".