Public Sector Duty to pay regard to Equality and Human Rights

7 Apr 2017

Donal Rice (IHREC), Deirdre Toomey (IHREC), Damien Walshe (ERA) and DAVID Joyce (Congress) at IHREC PSD Briefing 7 April

Implementing the Public Sector Duty 

The public sector duty relates to all the functions of a public body which may include; employment, budgeting, procurement, policy development and service delivery. IHREC have published this information leaflet outlining some steps a public body can take to bring a human rights and equality focus to their work.

The Commission is currently developing a set of guidance materials in conjunction with public bodies and other experts which will offer detailed information on implementing the duty. They expect the guidance to be available later in 2016. The IHREC Public Sector Duty team are available to support and advise organisations on the implementation of their duty and can be contacted on 01 8589601 or at [email protected].

Congress organised a briefing session for unions held in IHREC on 7th April 2017.  Presentations are available here:

Donal Rice and Deirdre Toomey (IHREC Public Sector Duty Team)

Damien Rice, Equality and Rights Alliance here

Other Useful links:

The TUC also has an excellent Trade Union Toolkit on their equivalent Equality Duty.

Equality and Rights Alliance briefing setting out the case for a public sector positive duty and their Civil Society Guide is here