Workplace Equality Policies

Investing in equality for your staff yields dividends for your organisation. Research has found that organisations with a track record on equality and diversity experience the following benefits:

  • The ability to recruit and retain high calibre staff;
  • Changes to the organisational culture with improved working relations
  • and reductions in cases

The best way to assess how your organisation is performing in terms of equality in employment is to undertake an employment equality review. An equality review will give you a good snapshot of your organisation’s performance in terms of equality in employment.

An Equality Policy is a statement of an organisation's committment to equality in carrying out its mission.  You can get sample equality policies from a number of sources, including those linked on these pages, for adaptation in your own organisation.

Useful resources:

Congress Equality Policy - here

Eq Benefits ToolEquality Benefits tool (The Equality Authority) - here

Equality Action Planning framework of the Further Education Support Service - here

Civil Service Employment Equality related circulars:

Circular: Diversity in the Civil Service - here

Code of practice for the employment of people with a disability - here

Gender Equality Policy - here

Policy on Equality of Opportunity - here