Congress Equality Conference, Nov 2010

70 Trade Unionists gathered in the Clarion Hotel, Dublin Airport on Wednesday 24th November to discuss trade union strategies for a more equal society and workplaces. The keynote speaker was Richard Wilkinson, co-author of the Spirit Level. Kat Banyard, author of the Equality Illusion, also made an address to the conference.

Group 1David Joyce, Terry Mc Donough, Kat Banyard, Renee Dempsey, Niall Crowley, Jack O'Connor and Philip Bowyer. (Pic John Chaney)

Congress President, Jack O'Connor, spoke about the imminent publication of the Government's National Recovery Plan 2011-2014 and made the case for an alternative approach that could reference the experience of other countries in Northern Europe who have placed equality at the centre of their development strategies. Jack 1Congress President, Jack O'Connor (pic John Chaney)He said the key lesson from such countries was that equality was not just a moral or idealistic choice but has been proven but is also better for society and economically superior. He urged all to participate actively in the Congress campaign against the government's approach, beginning with active participation in the national demonstration on Saturday 27th November.

Renee and SAKSally Anne Kinahan and Renee Dempsey (pic John Chaney)Renee Dempsey, CEO, Equality Authority - The importance of strategic partnerships in the quest for Equality, click here:

Richard Wilkinson Presentation on his groundbreaking research as to why more equal societies almost always do better;

Kat Banyard, Director of UK Feminista (Author of the Equality Illusion) presentation on the Truth about Women and men today and clip of vox pop done by the Irish Feminist Network;Kat and AMKat Banyard and Aileen Morrisey (pic John Chaney)

Terry McDonough NUIG, author of joint TASC/Congress Hierarchy of Earnings, Attributes and Privilege (H.E.A.P.) report presentation on inequality today;

Kathy Monks, DCU: presentation on 'The Business Case for Equality and Diversity';

NC and RWNiall Crowley and Richard Wilkinson (pic John Chaney)Niall Crowley - independent equality consultant and developing Ireland's first Charter for equality and human rights for ERA; Niall also spoke about the importance of trade unions and other civil society groups uniting around the inspiring vision and practical policy agenda agreed at Claiming our Future on October 30th. There was a strong consensus around the priority to be given to five values, with Equality at number one.

Sile Larkin, Equality Tribunal; Case work from the Equality Tribunal,.

Trade Union Initiatives:

Billy Hannigan, PSEU click here;

AM BH and CSAileen Morrisey, Billy Hannigan and Carol Schafer (pic John Chaney)Carol Schaeffer, CWU

Aileen Morrisey, MANDATE

Belinda Perry, ESBOA;

Deirdre O'Connor, INTO click here:

Theresa Dwyer, CPSU, click hereDOC TD BP and ASDeridre O'Connor, Theresa Dwyer, Belinda Perry and Anne Speed (pic John Chaney)

Anne Speed, SIPTU, click here

David Begg closed the conference with reference to some of the most offensive elements of the Government's plan for national recovery, which Congress has described as "savage and regressive"

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