Padraigín Ní Mhurchú

Padraigin ni MurchuPadraigín Ní Mhurchú was the last serving General Secretary of the Irish Women Workers Union 1982-84, before its amalgamation with the FWUI. She then became the first woman member of the Labour Court its first woman Chairperson was Evelyn Owens of the LGPSU).

Padraigín had been a FWUI official from 1973-81 and IWWU Assistant General Secretary 1981-82. Her predecessor as IWWU General Secretary Maura Breslin (1970-82) who was President of the IWWU in 1956 and served on the Executive Council of Congress 1971-74.

The first women to be elected onto the Executive Council of the new ICTU in 1959 was Kay McDowell of the IWWU. Kay was General Secretary of the IWWU 1957-70.