Maternity Leave

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Congress and the National Women's Council letter to MEPs July 2014 on revision of Maternity Directive

'Pregnancy at Work: A National Survey' (June 2011)

The HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme (CPP) and the Equality Authority released 'Pregnancy at Work: A National Survey' - a major research report which presents the findings of Ireland's first nationally representative survey of women's experiences at work during and after pregnancy.The survey also investigates uptake of maternity and parental leave and finds evidence that strongly points to inequalities among women: Women with higher earnings potential, better levels of education and an employed partner are more likely to avail of the extended period of unpaid maternity leave and to receive top-up payments from the employer while on maternity leave. On the other hand among women with lower earnings potential, not only are they less likely to receive employer-provided top-up payments, but financial pressures result in a lower take-up of unpaid leave and an earlier return to work.

All the publications available here:

  • Equality Authority press release here
  • 'Imaginative Reform' of Parental Leave can help Tackle Workplace Discrimination against Pregnant Women - see Congress Press Release here.
  • Women, Work and Pregnancy: Results of a National Survey - more here
  • Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace: Legal Framework and Review of Legal Decisions 1999 to 2008 - more here
  • Pregnancy and Employment: A Literature Review - more here

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