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Project Overview

Irish Congress of Trade Unions continues its Global Solidarity project.

Thanks to Irish Aid that granted Congress' application for the project 2008 - 2011, the Global Solidarity issues are ensured to be high up on the trade union agenda.

The goal of Irish Aid is to contribute towards the achievement of the international development targets to halve the proportion of the world's population living in abject poverty by 2015. Irish Aid has also demonstrated through the development of the relationship with Congress that partnerships with trade unions can strengthen poverty reduction efforts, while simultaneously strengthening union organisation in developing countries.

The aim of the ICTU Global Solidarity programme is to equip the Trade Union movement with the knowledge and skills:
- To raise awareness of the Global Solidarity issues amongst our members by creating our own Trade Union development education in Ireland
- To strengthen our international trade union solidarity work on the island of Ireland, promote development worldwide and generate an understanding of our global interdepence.
- To play a key role in raising public awareness of the causes of exploitation, world poverty and climate change, as well as the need for progressive solutions.

We believe it is essential to deepen global solidarity between trade union members in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with trade unions in developing countries. The activities of ordinary trade union members are key to building a safer and more just world.


David Joyce, Equality and Development Officer

Fiona Dunne, Global Solidarity Officer