About Us


Global Solidarity Project

The Global Solidarity project is firmly anchored within the democratic structures of the trade union movement in Ireland. The Global Solidarity Committee is the most important body for the monitoring and evaluation of the project. The Committee has almost 40 members (representatives from all major unions, and indeed smaller unions that wish to be involved in ICTU's international solidarity and development issues).

All major decisions on the project's development are taken by the Global Solidarity Committee. The Committee members are kept informed about the entire project's activities as well as important news from the international trade union movement by the Global Solidarity Officer.

The Global Solidarity Committee's structure and meeting's agendas ensures that there is a regular reporting from all important activities. There are many opportunities to discuss, evaluate and critique before, during and after implementation of different initiatives and activities.

Strategic aim

The aim of this Global Solidarity programme is to equip the Irish Trade Union movement with the knowledge and skills to be an active player in raising awareness amongst our members of the causes of world poverty and to be an active player in development education initiatives in Ireland and in promoting development worldwide.

Strategic Objectives

We will achieve this aim by:

SO1: Working to further embed development education into trade union education and training initiatives and to be an integral part of new innovations in this area, including the training and resourcing of a cadre of 90 trade union Global Solidarity Champions


SO2: Organising one special conference/seminar per year on a key development theme and ensuring a development education component in major trade union conferences


SO3: Preparing tailor made international development strategies with 6 large trade unions that will encourage them to engage with programme themes within their own unions


SO4: Organising one campaign per year in the broad area of the contribution of decent work to poverty reduction to enable trade unions to engage with project themes and to promote actions within their own unions.


SO5: Developing our communications strategy by revamping our website; producing quality materials including two newsletters per year plus 3 Briefing papers on programme themes - 1 per year.


SO6: Deepening the links between Irish trade unions and the trade union movement in Lesotho and one other country.


SO7: Working to ensure a strong and informed trade union voice on international development debates and discussions: