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Aid effectiveness needs decent work and private sector regulation

Posted on November 21, 2011

Moira and MinisterCongress today (23 November 2011) met with Ms. Jan O'Sullivan, Minister for State of Trade & Development to make the case that Aid effectiveness needs decent work and private sector regulation. Governments will gather in Busan, South Korea, to discuss aid effectiveness at the end of November,. The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is pressing for a conclusion that promotes pro-poor growth and favours working people. Congress letter to the Minister available here.

For more on the ITUC's work on development cooperation - see here

More on the 4th high level meeting on aid effectiveness in Busan here

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Report from 3rd Annual Global Solidarity Summer School

Posted on September 12, 2011

The 3rd Annual Global Solidarity Summer School, took place on 2nd & 3rd September 2011 in the Carlton Holiday in Galway.

President of Congress and guestsIt was well attended by trade unionists from all over Ireland who were eager to learn about making links between the Climate Change and Decent Work Agenda.

A number of guest speakers took part in the Summer School presenting on a range of topics including climate change, economics, taxation, labour and disability in the workplace.

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Urgent action: Six FENSUAGRO activists now arrested!

Posted on August 10, 2011

Last week many of you signed our urgent action regarding the four FENSUAGRO agricultural trade union activists who have been arrested in Putumayo and accused of 'rebellion.' We have now received news that two more trade unionists and members of FENSUAGRO has been arrested on the same charges.

We now need you to take urgent action.

To protest against the arrest and detention of these six trade unionists and the threats against their colleagues in Sucre please sign this letter to the Colombian ambassador.


Congress backs Palestinian statehood bid

Posted on July 30, 2011

Congress is calling on the Irish Government to support the Palestinian National Authority's bid to be recognised as a member state of the United Nations. Read letter here

Famine in Horn of Africa - Trade Unions acting in solidarity

Posted on July 22, 2011

Horn of AfricaOn 20 July, the United Nations (UN) declared a state of famine in parts of southern Somalia - highlighting a crisis that has killed tens of thousands of people, and urging the international community to greater action. UN officials have described the drought as the worst humanitarian crisis in the troubled country in two decades.

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Congress passes the following Motions at BDC

Posted on July 13, 2011

Motion 38 - Towards International Solidarity - Wikileaks

Motion 39 - Towards International Solidarity - Palestine

Motion 40 - Towards International Solidarity - Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Motion 41 - Towards International Solidarity - Colombia

Emergency Motion 4 - Sabotage of Irish Ship to Gaza

Combating extreme exploitation - report of meeting at Congress BDC

Posted on July 13, 2011

ITUC General Secretary, Sharan Burrow addressed a meeting at our recent Biennial Dlegate conference on the issue of combating extreme exploitation at work - especially the issue of Forced Labour. Denise Charlton also spoke about sexual exploitation in Ireland and the Turn off the Red Light campaign. Congress would like to thanks the PSEU and Irish Aid who co-sponsored this event. Fringe pic 2011

Congress passes motion on Colombia at 2011 Biennial Delegate Conference

Posted on July 12, 2011

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions passed a motion at its Bi-Annual Delegate Conference in Killarney last week (6th July) reaffirming its commitment to supporting the campaign to block the proposed EU-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and the campaign to free political prisoners. JFC Ireland has been instrumental in the lobbying efforts to block the EU-Colombia FTA campaign, achieving the consensus of all Irish MEPs, across all parties, in opposition to the proposed agreement.

Adoption of the Domestic Workers Convention

Posted on June 16, 2011

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has called on the Government to take a "global lead" on workers rights by becoming the first to ratify a new landmark treaty that gives protection to domestic workers.

Speaking from Geneva following the historic vote at the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Congress Legal Affairs Officer Esther Lynch said: "Ireland should take the lead in this matter and be the first to ratify this new ILO Convention, which was supported by a huge majority at the ILO - including the Irish Government, unions and employers." More here

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Campaigning works - Ask Rosalba! But more to do..

Posted on June 16, 2011

Last year, Congress asked you to send emails demanding that Colombia release Rosalba Gaviria Toro, a member of the agricultural workers' union who was jailed for her trade union work. This week, we received great news: Rosalba is free. She was absolved of all charges and then released from prison.

Trade unionists around the world face threats of prison and murder every day. And the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) every year produces a report that makes for chiilling reading. This year, it reports on 90 murders of trade unionists -- more than half of these in Colombia. More here

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