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The launch of the Irish Clean Clothes Campaign.

Issued on October 08, 2010 at 04:16 PM

WDDW poster 2010 - World Day for Decent Work 2010
World Day for Decent Work 2010

Successful workshop on the World Day for Decent Work

On the 7th of October, declared as the international trade union movement's world day for decent work, 30 people gathered in the Green House in Dublin to launch the Irish branch of the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC). The CCC is dedicated to improve working conditions and supporting the empowerment of workers in the garment and sportswear industry in the global south

The meeting was opened by Rosie O'Reilly of the Ethical Fashion group Re-Dress. She said that after a lot of preparatory work the five stake holders had decided that it was time to launch the Irish branch of CCC. The five organisations behind the establishment of the Irish CCC are Re-Dress, ICTU Global Solidarity, the retail workers union MANDATE, the development NGOs Trocaire and Comhlamh. Several participants at the meeting were not from one of these organisations, but just interested in the issues raised by CCC and wishing to take part in the future activities.

CCC's four main points

Marcella Kraay, representing the International CCC based in Amsterdam, was the main speaker. She introduced the work of the 14 other European CCC organisations, which is based on four main points;
- Citizens awareness campaigns; CCC educate and mobilise consumers. When consumers demand that their clothes and sportswear is produced under decent work conditions, things can start to change.
- Workers Solidarity; CCC offer direct solidarity support to workers and their unions as they fight for their rights, a living wage and demand better working conditions.
- Corporate responsibility; CCC is lobbying and putting pressure on companies to adopt "codes of conduct". Companies have the responsibility and power to ensure that garment workers throughout their supply chains are treated fairly.
- Governments responsibility; CCC supports their partner organisations in the global south as they lobby their governments for better laws and law enforcement in their countries. CCC also calls on the European Union and the national governments in Europe to promote respect for international labour standards.

Marcella was very happy to welcome the Irish branch of the CCC as the 15th national member organisation in Europe. She also welcomed Irish representatives to attend the international CCC conference to be held in Istanbul in November.

Workshop dicussions

Marcella's presentation gave a solid ground for the discussions that followed. Davie Philips facilitated the world café style workshop. All participants took part in the discussions and many excellent ideas for awareness raising campaigns, educational activities, street actions and lobby work were presented. Re-Dress promised to make a summary of all these ideas and proposals. These will be used when the CCC Ireland meets next time to decide on the future activities. Both Congress and Mandate staff and members took part in the workshop, among them ICTU's Assistant General Secretary Sally Anne Kinhan and Mandate's General Secretary John Douglas.

Websites and contacts

The Irish Clean Clothes Campaign also launched its new website at this event. Please visit this brilliant and informative website - click here.

You can also read more about the international CCC work on the international secretariat's website - click here.

Marcella Kray's power presentation - click here

If you are interested to get more information and/or join the CCC in Ireland, please contact the Global Solidarity Officer.