Global Solidarity Publications

Development Education Publications

These publications have been produced as part of the ICTU Development Education programme to raise awareness but also to provide information to enable trade unions and their members to incorporate global issues into all aspects of their lives be it in the workplace, their union business or their personal life.¬† Some hard copies of these publications may still be available and can be obtained by contacting Fiona Dunne, Global Solidarity officer at [email protected]

Gender Equality and Global Solidarity(pdf)

Gender Equality and Global Solidarity (issuu)

Ethical Consumer Guide

Corporate Social Responsibility

Trade Unions and Development Cooperation

Equality in the Workplace - Ireland, Europe and Beyond

Action for Change - Workers' Rights and Free Trade

Congress would like to acknowledge the continued support of Irish Aid for our Global Solidarity work. The ideas, opinions and comments within these publications are entirely the responsability of its authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect Irish Aid policy.

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