Lead Worker Representative Resources

Training and Information 

The resources listed here are designed to bring together in one place some of the key documents to assist the Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative to undertake the role with confidence. They can be used by individuals undertaking the role, or can be used in a training setting to supplement learning about managing risks from the virus.

This is an important role and can make a real contribution to making the workplace safer for you and your colleagues. It is important to remember, as the documentation here makes clear, that by undertaking the role you do not become legally responsible for arrangements in the workplace. That responsibility always lies with employers. But it has been consistently demonstrated that workers and management cooperating together on matters of health and safety is simply the most effective way to proceed and gives much better impacts. 

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Work Safely Protocol

work-safely-protocol  This is the key document setting out the approach to dealing with minimising the risk of Covid-19 infection in all workplaces. Updated November 2020.






ICTU National Return to Work Safely Protocol May 2020This is an accessible guide to the Return to Work Safely Protocol that has been published by Congress. 


worker_representative_checklistThis link is the to set of templates and checklists provided by the HSA to assist employers and workers to implement the protocol


videoThis brief video from Congress (1' 35") gives an overview of the protocol


roleThis document focusses on the role of the Lead Worker Representative and provides advice on how it should be undertaken


LWR Heading This one-page Complaints Procedure provides guidance on how to deal with non-compliance with the protocol


pptThis PowerPoint presentation can be used in training settings to explain the role of the Lead Worker Representative


ppt-guideThis companion guide explains how to use the presentation above