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Safety Representatives Resource Book

SafetyRep2017-cover A comprehensive new manual for safety reps was published on Workers' Memorial Day 2015. Launched by Minister Ged Nash, the manual is the result of an initiative by Congress. The HSA agreed to publish the book. Herbert Mulligan was commissioned to edit the publication and was assisted by an editorial committee consisting of Sylvester Cronin of SIPTU, Sean Heading of TEEU, Marian Geoghegan of IBOA and Frank Vaughan of Congress. The manual was updated in 2017 to reflect some technical and legislative changes.

Organised Workplaces are Safer Workplaces

SafetyRepOrganising-cover This is a companion volume to the Resource Book which was published by the Health & Safety Committee of Congress and which serves as a guide to trade union safety representatives and officials dealing with health and safety issues. This isn't a matter of chance. Union jobs are safer jobs because unions provide the skills and expertise needed to secure workplace improvements. Unions have ‘on the ground’ insights that can help design quick and easy solutions to health and safety problems. Where employers won't talk, unions can use their collective strength to demand improvements.

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