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Unionised workers consistently enjoy higher pay than those in non-union workplaces. Unionised workplaces also enjoy better working conditions, with individual unions frequently negotiating entitlements for members that are over and above the statutory, legal minimum.

Very few people would consider going to court without legal advice, fewer again would embark on major structural work to their homes without some expert input and suggestions. The same standards should apply to your work. Yet there are those who expect people to make very difficult and complex decisions about their work and career without the benefit of any professional advice or expertise. And those self-same employers who seek to deny union help and assistance to workers are themselves members of professional associations and avail of professional support at every possible opportunity.

It is your legal and constitutional right to join a trade union - and it’s clearly in you interest to do so.  Use the Union Connect web site to connect with a union that is right for you.



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