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  1. Proposal affords a fair solution to redundancy payments for workers on PUP [News] - Issued 21 Sep 2021
    Responding to the decision taken by Cabinet on how reckonable service will be treated when the suspension of certain provisions of Section 12A of the Redundancy Act expires at the end of this month, Irish Congress of Trade Unions general secretary, …

  2. Now is the time to invest in our people, our public services, and our public infrastructure - Budget 2022 priorities[News] - Issued 16 Sep 2021
    Congress Budget 2022 Priorities  No Going Back: For a Fairer Future Patricia King General Secretary  This is the second set of budgetary recommendations that the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) has issued during the Covid-19 pandemic, the …

  3. Sláintecare Needs “Urgent Recommitment” say Health Unions[News] - Issued 9 Sep 2021
    Ireland’s major health unions today (Sept 9) called for an “urgent recommitment” to the Sláintecare health reform programme, following the resignation of two senior officials associated with the project.  Professor Tom Keane (Chairperson) …

  4. Congress to give 'serious consideration' to Government's new Housing for All plan[News] - Issued 2 Sep 2021
    The Irish Congress of Trade Unions said today (Sept 2) that it will “give very serious consideration and attention” to the proposals contained in the Government’s new Housing for All plan.   Speaking in response to the publication of the …

    ICTU News Release August 31, 2021   The Irish Congress of Trade Unions said today (Aug. 31) that ensuring workers can “return to the workplace safely must be a top priority” for Government plans on the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions and …

  6. Letter from Patricia King, General Secretary to An Taoiseach re Covid-19 Next Phase of Return to Work[News] - Issued 26 Aug 2021
  7. NGOs and Unions call on Government to ratify Convention 190[News] - Issued 23 Aug 2021
  8. Congress Global Solidarity calls for support for Afghan People[News] - Issued 20 Aug 2021
  9. Congress Global Solidarity[News] - Issued 30 Jul 2021
  10. MANDATE and ICTU sought greater protections for workers on Government initiated Hospitality Group[News] - Issued 26 Jul 2021
  11. Updated Code of Practice on bogus self employment "wholly inadequate" - Patricia King[News] - Issued 22 Jul 2021
  12. Northern Ireland Protocol - Congress Statement[Press Release] - Issued 21 Jul 2021
  13. Trade Union intervention at today's Just Recovery Conference [News] - Issued 14 Jul 2021
  14. Devil will be in the detail of Government’s Pathways to Work – ICTU[News] - Issued 12 Jul 2021
  15. Emphasis on decent pay and job security in Retail Sector Group submission to Oireachtas committee[News] - Issued 8 Jul 2021
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