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  1. Congress Construction Industry Committee to carry out a protective ballot to seek a mandate for industrial action[News] - Issued 30 Jun 2020
    The Congress Construction Industry Committee has considered the decision of the High Court to strike down as un-constitutional legislation enabling Statutory Wage Setting Mechanism of Sectoral Employment Orders. This decision will have serious …

  2. General Secretary wants early meeting with Taoiseach Micheál Martin[News] - Issued 29 Jun 2020
    The General Secretary of The Irish Congress of Trade Unions Patrica King has wished the newly elected Taoiseach Micheál Martin well in his new office .  She has requested an early meeting with him to discuss the crisis facing workers in Ireland in …

  3. ICTU Press Statement on High Court Judicial Review - Sectoral Employment Orders [News] - Issued 23 Jun 2020
    The decision of High Court today to declare that  the provisions of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015 to be unconstitutional thereby rendering  Sectoral Employment Orders invalid could have very serious implications for tens of …

  4. More than 42 million jobs are at stake in the European Council’s talks over the EU recovery plan.[News] - Issued 18 Jun 2020
    That’s the number of workers who have been placed on temporary unemployment during the coronavirus crisis, according to research by the European Trade Union Institute. Ahead of Friday’s meeting, the ETUC says leaders have a responsibility to …

  5. Ireland and the UN Security Council - "with this honour comes great responsibility"[News] - Issued 18 Jun 2020
    The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has welcomed the election of Ireland to the U.N.Security Council. General Secretary Patricia said "in congratulating the Government it is only right that we acknowledge the tireless work of all involved in securing …

  6. Major Trade Union & Civil Society Coalition Calls for Radical Transformation of Housing System, with Delivery of 100,000 New Homes, Public Lands Reserved Solely for Public Housing[News] - Issued 11 Jun 2020
  7. Message from Patricia King General Secretary on the death of our esteemed colleague Eileen Sweeney[News] - Issued 8 Jun 2020
  8. Congress warns that safety cannot be compromised as workers gradually return to the workplace[News] - Issued 4 Jun 2020
  9. Congress calls on parties to reject Israeli annexation plan [News] - Issued 4 Jun 2020
  10. Congress Global Solidarity Committee has joined in condemning the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.[News] - Issued 2 Jun 2020
  11. Opening up the Wage Subsidy Scheme to New Mothers Welcome - ICTU[News] - Issued 2 Jun 2020
  12. The Occupied Terroritories Bill and Government formation[News] - Issued 2 Jun 2020
  13. No going back to old unfair ways - Patricia King[News] - Issued 2 Jun 2020
  14. Energy Unions say Bord na Móna and Government must 'Stop Promising and Start Delivering' on Just Transition for Workers and Communities in the Midlands[News] - Issued 27 May 2020
  15. Education Unions call for creation of Third Level Forum to tackle funding crisis and develop a 'New Vision' for the Sector[News] - Issued 27 May 2020
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