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  1. Congress Vice President and TUC in Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs re Colombian Peace Process[News] - Issued 12 Jul 2019
    Justice for Colombia board members, Congress Vice President, Kevin Callinan and TUC International Officer, Mariela Kohon, attended a hearing of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Defence yesterday (11 July 2019) to discuss the …

    ‘Finally some good news for LGBT+ people and women in Northern Ireland’ The Irish Congress of Trade Unions today welcomed the historic votes in Westminster which will see Parliament obliged to legislate for Equal Marriage and Abortion Law Reform …

  3. Matt Frei Channel 4 Presenter and Europe Editor on the rise of the right and populist politics[News] - Issued 8 Jul 2019
    The debate about Brexit in the UK has gotten to a “bonkers” phase, with people more concerned about the purity of their position than any benefits that might accrue from leaving the EU, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) Biennial Congress …

  4. Assistant General Secretary Owen Reidy says workers and citizens interests in NI should be at centre stage[News] - Issued 4 Jul 2019
      The opening debate at the Biennial Delegate Conference related to Northern Ireland and was addressed by  ICTU Assistant General Secretary Owen Reidy. Referring to the current political situation in Northern Ireland, Mr Reidy said “every …

  5. Sounding a warning about pensions - Dr.Laura Bambrick [News] - Issued 4 Jul 2019
    Dr.Laura Bambrick Social Policy Officer ICTU  Speaking at the Congress Biennial Conference Dr.Laura Bambrick said that the Government published a five-year plan for pension reform last year. The two most fundamental reforms proposed are 1. The …

  6. Former President Mary Robinson on Climate Change and Just Transition[News] - Issued 4 Jul 2019
  7. Patricia King address to Biennial Delegate Conference Trinity College Dublin[News] - Issued 3 Jul 2019
  8. President Sheila Nunan speech to Congress Biennial Delegate Conference [News] - Issued 3 Jul 2019
  9. The housing crisis and the struggle for decent work and decent pay - Patricia King[News] - Issued 3 Jul 2019
  10. Building a Better Future for All - BDC19[News] - Issued 28 Jun 2019
  11. Protest by construction workers over bogus self-employment[News] - Issued 28 Jun 2019
  12. Irish Times letter - Macdara Doyle Raise the Roof[News] - Issued 24 Jun 2019
  13. ICTU welcomes adoption of new ILO Convention and Recommendation on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work[News] - Issued 21 Jun 2019
  14. The battle for equality in Ireland - Seamus Dooley NUJ[News] - Issued 19 Jun 2019
  15. Future Jobs, Investment and Growth in Ireland and Europe - Laura Bambrick Policy Officer ICTU[News] - Issued 19 Jun 2019
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