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  1. Letter to Philippines President Duterte condemning State arrests of trade union leaders[News] - Issued 12 Dec 2019
    The General Secretary of Congress Patricia King has written to President Duterte of the Philippines condemning the recent raids and arrests of trade union leaders and labour organisations in the Philippines. In her letter, the General Secretary …

  2. Congress supports Dublin rally against hatred - Saturday 14th Dec[News] - Issued 12 Dec 2019
    Congress General Secretary Patricia King has expressed support for trade unions, community groups and non-governmental organisations holding a Rally for Peace on Earth – Against the Politics of Hatred on Saturday 14th in Kildare Street, Dublin. It …

  3. Homeless at Christmas - families and thousands of children living in emergency accomodation[News] - Issued 4 Dec 2019
    Charities working to alleviate the homeless crisis have expressed concern at the latest headcount of people living without a place to call home this Christmas. Over 10,500 men women and children continue to live in emergency accommodation, 3,826 of …

  4. Workplace Passport scheme announced by ICTU and IBEC for workers with disability[News] - Issued 3 Dec 2019
    Congress General Secretary Patricia King and Danny McCoy CEO of IBEC have launched a Workplace Accommodation Passport scheme to enable disabled workers to carry out their work on an equal footing with others. The joint launch took place on …

  5. Congress advises private sector unions to seek baseline pay increases ranging between 3.5% and 4.5% in 2020[News] - Issued 3 Dec 2019
    The Congress Private Sector Committee (PSC) is advising unions in the private sector to seek baseline pay increases ranging between 3.5% and 4.5% in 2020. Congress General Secretary Patricia King said that “despite the fact that average yearly …

  6. Congress warns of concerns around negative effects of new forms of work on health of workers[News] - Issued 28 Nov 2019
  7. Is Ireland Ready for a Green New Deal? - 2019 Dónal Nevin Lecture - Dr Lorna Gold[News] - Issued 27 Nov 2019
  8. Letter from Congress deplores the murders of hundreds of trade unionists in Colombia[News] - Issued 27 Nov 2019
  9. Just Transition - Congress says "strategic vision" necessary for communities and workers [News] - Issued 26 Nov 2019
  10. ICTU Survey reveals Shockingly High Levels of Under-Reporting of Sexual Harassment at Work[News] - Issued 25 Nov 2019
  11. Congress support for JLC Bill [Press Release] - Issued 22 Nov 2019
  12. Opening Statement from Patricia King, General Secretary to Oireachtas Joint Committee on Climate Action[News] - Issued 20 Nov 2019
  13. Sustainable Development Goals - what are they and what role has Congress ?[News] - Issued 12 Nov 2019
  14. School Resource 'Labour, Gender and class in the Struggle for Irish Independence 1917-1923' launched today[News] - Issued 8 Nov 2019
  15. Frank Vaughan interview - health and safety in the workplace[News] - Issued 6 Nov 2019
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