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  1. UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty - video[News] - Issued 17 Oct 2020ICTU Global Solidarity Statement: UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty Congress Global Solidarity calls for urgent action for the eradication of poverty The global health crisis has exposed deep-seated inequalities in our society. The most …

  2. 'Largest budget in the history of the state' does not ensure sufficient support for low-paid workers and low-income families[News] - Issued 13 Oct 2020
    ICTU General Secretary Patricia King said that Budget 2021, which the Minister for Finance has described as the ‘largest in the history of the state’, does not ensure sufficient support for low paid workers and low-income families, and risks …

  3. Civil Society Launches "A Shared Vision for a Just Recovery"[News] - Issued 13 Oct 2020
    60 coalitions and organisations urge the Government to adopt Six Principles for a Just Recovery, ahead of the Budget the promised national economic recovery plan A broad cross-section of Irish civil society organisations have come together in …

  4. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions welcomes the Dáil debate on collective bargaining.[News] - Issued 8 Oct 2020
    ICTU General Secretary Patricia King said Congress has for some time advocated for legislation to grant collective bargaining rights to workers in Ireland. “The threat of a no-deal Brexit and Covid-19 has increased the urgency to protect low-paid …

  5. On World Day of Decent Work - ITUC Global Poll 2020 shows urgent need to repair the Social Contract[News] - Issued 7 Oct 2020
    Global day decent work rough 4 from Irish Congress of Trade Unions on Vimeo. The annual global poll commissioned by the 200 million-member International Trade Union Confederation shows working people and their families were living on the edge before …

  6. Statement on Minister’s decision to implement the recommendation of the Low Pay Commission [News] - Issued 6 Oct 2020
  7. What Covid-19 graduates should look for and remember when job hunting[News] - Issued 5 Oct 2020
  8. Video: Tackling Violence and Harassment in the World of Work[News] - Issued 5 Oct 2020
  9. Video - Tackling Child Labour during Covid-19[News] - Issued 25 Sep 2020
  10. Stronger borders and more returns cannot be dressed up as solidarity[News] - Issued 23 Sep 2020
  11. Congress withdraws from Low Pay Commission[News] - Issued 22 Sep 2020
  12. ICTU calls for a reversal of the reductions to the Pandemic Unemployment Payment[News] - Issued 20 Sep 2020
  13. Congress demands “action not sympathy” for Debenhams workers[News] - Issued 16 Sep 2020
  14. Statement on Moria refugee camp in Greece[News] - Issued 15 Sep 2020
  15. Congress Construction Unions Vote to Protect Pay Rates in the Sector.  [News] - Issued 15 Sep 2020
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