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  1. A Just and Sustainable Future for Workers[News] - Issued 22 Jan 2020
    The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has identified key issues that political parties must address if workers and their families are to have a just and sustainable future.   The ICTU views are set out in a comprehensive document asking candidates …

  2. Governernment policy on pension qualifying age "wholly unacceptable" - Patricia King[News] - Issued 20 Jan 2020
    Congress General Secretary Patricia King said “the planned increases to the State Pension qualifying age to 67 years from next January and to 68 years in 2028 is a key election issue that Congress has been campaigning on for many years and she …

  3. Examine political promises closely - Patricia King General Secretary Congress[News] - Issued 18 Jan 2020
    Patricia King said political parties have questions to answer about fast and furious promises they are making about future prosperity, jobs, and tax cuts. Fine Gael says they will create almost 200,000 additional new jobs by 2020 and will put more …

  4. Congress Seeks ‘Cast Iron Guarantees’ on new EU Just Transition Funding[Press Release] - Issued 17 Jan 2020The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has called for “cast iron guarantees” that EU funding for the transition from peat production in the Midlands will be used to support the creation of decent jobs and to assist in a Just Transition for workers …

  5. ICTU Executive welcomes opportunities for workers after return of devolution to Stormont[News] - Issued 15 Jan 2020
    Welcoming the return of devolution at Stormont and power sharing involving all five major NI parties, ICTU General Secretary Patricia King spoke on behalf of the trade union movement in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as the ICTU …

  6. Living in a Direct Provision Centre - one woman describes her experiences as a child growing up in Mosney[News] - Issued 14 Jan 2020
  7. Age and sex discrimination in the workplace[News] - Issued 13 Jan 2020
  8. Congress reaction on the return of power-sharing at Stormont[News] - Issued 13 Jan 2020
  9. Australian bush fires and climate denial [News] - Issued 13 Jan 2020
  10. Investing in a Just Transisition - NERI [News] - Issued 13 Jan 2020
  11. School secretaries protest[News] - Issued 13 Jan 2020
  12. The ITUC calls on the governments of the US and Iran to put people and the values of peace and human rights above aggression and threats of war. [News] - Issued 8 Jan 2020
  13. CSO pensions survey of workers reaffirms the case for Auto-enrolment - ICTU[News] - Issued 6 Jan 2020
  14. Fat Cat Day: Time to Tackle Excessive Executive Pay - ICTU[News] - Issued 6 Jan 2020
  15. National Minimum Wage continues to chase the Living Wage as the economy roars - Congress[News] - Issued 20 Dec 2019
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