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  1. President Michael D Higgins May Day Message[News] - Issued 1 May 2021
    Statement by President Michael D. Higgins President Michael D. Higgins has issued a special video message to mark May Day, International Workers Day, 1 May.  The video (with subtitles) is available here: In his message, …

  2. Trade Unions to Celebrate May Day across Ireland[News] - Issued 30 Apr 2021
    May the 1st is recognised internationally as the day to commemorate the historic struggles and gains made by workers and the labour movement around the world. To mark the day ICTU General Secretary Patricia King and ICTU Assistant General Secretary …

  3. Cork Council of Trade Unions May Day Message[News] - Issued 29 Apr 2021
    To all Cork workers and their families The Cork Council of Trade Unions sends May Day greetings of solidarity to all workers in Cork and their families. May Day is a time for us all to reflect on the enormous contributions made to both our society …

  4. Pause for a moment in silence at mid day today on Workers Memorial Day[News] - Issued 28 Apr 2021
      Workers are being urged by Congress to pause for a moment at mid-day today April 28thto remember those killed or injured or made ill in the workplace. There will be an online ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin, streamed via the …

  5. Remembering workers killed and injured on Workers Memorial Day 28th April[News] - Issued 27 Apr 2021
    Take a moment to remember workers killed or injured or made ill at work on Wed 28th at noon tomorrow. Congress has announced plans for an online ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin. Minister Damien English will deliver a message to be …

  6. A Good Day for Women in the Workplace - ICTU[News] - Issued 24 Apr 2021
  7. Pro-Mask is Pro-Worker[News] - Issued 23 Apr 2021
  8. International Workers' Memorial Day April 28th Ireland 2021[News] - Issued 19 Apr 2021
  9. #WorkSafely to Stop Covid-19 from spreading [News] - Issued 15 Apr 2021
  10. Right to Disconnect vital for workers' quality of life[News] - Issued 1 Apr 2021
  11. Gender pay gap information Bill [News] - Issued 31 Mar 2021
  12. Time for actions, not just condemnation, against the military junta in Myanmar[News] - Issued 30 Mar 2021
  13. Remote Working has potential to be a win-win for Rural Communities and Workers’ Quality of Life [News] - Issued 29 Mar 2021
  14. Approval of Climate Bill Means Government Must Move on Just Transition Measures[News] - Issued 24 Mar 2021
  15. National Remote Work Strategy protects workers from “always-on” culture.[News] - Issued 23 Mar 2021
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