24 Nov 2010

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has described as "savage and regressive" the series of measures outlined today in the Government's four year plan.

According to Congress General Secretary David Begg, the plan will "do precisely the opposite of what it is supposed to do - it will not lead to national recovery, instead it is a roadmap into deep recession."

"The proposed cuts are savage and will simply dampen down consumer demand further - which makes up 70 percent of our economy. Quite simply, they are penalising the poorest and the lowest paid and making them pay for the reckless behaviour of others. The trade union movement will mount a strong campaign of opposition to this plan.

"The economy is already very fragile and some €14 billion has already been extracted. Taking out another €15 billion will likely push us over the edge. The projections for growth contained in this plan are a fiction and bordering on the delusional," Mr Begg said.

"There is nothing on jobs, no investment to create new jobs and opportunities for the 450,000 of our citizens on the dole. How does Government expect the economy to grow without job creation?" he asked.

Mr Begg said he was encouraging people to turn out on November 27 to make sure their voices were heard.

"It will be too late on December 8," he concluded.