Duffy-Cahill Report: Proposals Must be Implemented in Full

26 Apr 2016

IMG_1827 Clerys Staff Protest outside Department of Enterprise

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions said today (April 26) that measures contained in the Duffy-Cahill Report – aimed at protecting workers from a repeat of the controversial Clerys closure – would prove “very helpful if implemented in full by any new government.”

Responding to the publication of the Duffy-Cahill Report, Congress General Secretary Patricia King said: “A key priority for the very brave staff of Clerys was to ensure that what happened to them could never again happen to any other group of workers.

“Congress lobbied and worked hard to have this review established and we believe the recommendations it contains will prove very helpful in protecting workers from ever having to experience the detestable treatment meted out by Natrium to Clerys staff,” Ms King said.

“If implemented, it would mean that employers’ intent on imposing collective redundancies would be compelled to engage in a consultation process with staff for a minimum of 30 days. In other words, staff would be entitled to be treated in a civilised manner.

“In addition, the measures proposed include the capacity to recover an asset, or the proceeds of its sale, where an employer transfers it out of the business with the effect of perpetrating a fraud on the employees.

“There are several substantial recommendations in Duffy-Cahill Report and Congress notes that the authors insist that their proposals must be considered in conjunction – in other words, this is a package that must be implemented in full," said Ms King.