Legislation Necessary to Tackle Zero Hour and Precarious Work

22 Sep 2017

Low Wage Protest

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has rejected IBEC criticism of new plans to tackle zero hour contracts and precarious work, saying that legislation was "necessary to tackle the problem."

Responding to the IBEC criticism of the plans, Congress General Secretary Patricia King said: "We have been pressing for change in this area for some time and have engaged directly with the relevant officials over the past year, in an effort to shape and influence the proposed legislation.

"While the proposed bill has not yet been published and will undoubtedly require further amendment, the overall legislative intent is positive."

"Left unchallenged, precarious work practices and zero hour contracts create downward pressure on employment standards across the economy and create intolerable uncertainty over hours and earnings for thousands of workers.

"Indeed, such practices were central to a number of high-profile disputes in the retail sector in recent years and the problem is also evident in other sectors of the economy," Ms King pointed out.

"As employers are already required by law to keep working time records there is nothing in these proposals that would result in any new or additional administrative or regulatory burden, for them.

"Ultimately, the only beneficiaries from increased casualisation in the workforce are bad and exploitative employers. Good employers have nothing to fear from these proposals," Ms King said.

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