Update from Congress Sectoral Committees

5 Oct 2017

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Private Sector Committee The Committee coordinates the activities of affiliated unions in the private sector, with a view to improving the pay and conditions of employment of workers. The Committee is campaigning to improve minimum standards of employment through lobbying for enhanced employment standards legislation and is currently developing guidance for unions in the sector, with respect to lodging of pay claims for 2018.

Health Sector The unions in the Health Sector are embarking on a campaign of lobbying to advocate for the full implementation of the recommendations of the Sláinte Care Report. You can read the Congress submission on healthcare here

Education Sector The Education Sector unions are seeking the implementation of the recommendation of the Cassells Report for a fully publicly funded system, as the most equitable and sustainable option for students and those who work in the sector, and are advocating for additional resources to ensure that children from disadvantaged areas are provided with the necessary resources to fully particulate in all levels of education. You can read the opening statement of Congress General Secretary to the Oireachtas Education Committee here.

Construction Industry Committee (CIC) The unions representing workers in the construction sector are, through the CIC, are seeking improved conditions of employment for workers through the establishment of a Sectoral Employment Order (SEO).  The CIC is continuing to campaign for regulation ensuring the elimination of bogus self-employment in the construction industry.