Why do we have a European Union? Congress appears before Dail Committee on Future of Europe

19 Oct 2017


"We need only look back to the twentieth century when Europe was laid waste twice in 30 years. This week a hundred years ago armies were grinding each other down in the muddy fields of Passchendaele. As the number of veterans of these wars dwindles, so the collective memory of the founding purpose of the European Union has dimmed. That said, the Union particularly under the Barroso Commission has been its own worst enemy.

"We welcome the attempt by the Juncker Commission to relaunch Europe (and indeed to relaunch social dialogue at a European level). Congress has participated in the debate on the future of Europe already through the European Economic & Social Committee, which recently held a seminar in Dublin to discuss the issue. We also have an input at European level through our affiliation to the European Trade Union Congress (ETUC).
Apart altogether from the options being explored at a European level, Congress has two strategic priorities in the European area. These centre on the task of restoring the concept of Social Europe, and of reversing or mitigating some of the policies and ECJ judgements which privileged freedom to conduct business over labour rights."

Read the full Congress statement here