Planned zero hour legislation contains 'significant flaws' that must be addressed 

16 Feb 2018

Low Wage Protest

Planned legislation on zero hour and precarious work contracts contained “significant flaws” that would have to addressed if it was to properly tackle exploitative employment practices, Congress has said. 

General Secretary Patricia King has pointed out that Congress met and lobbied all main opposition parties on the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2017 - which was debated in the Dail last week - briefing them on the changes that would be required “to ensure the bill gives the certainty and security that workers need and which it was originally intended to deliver.”

Ms King said: “The bill as currently structured contains significant flaws and does not fully deal with the key problems faced by workers in relation to zero hour, ‘if and when’, banded hour and precarious work contracts.

“However, we are confident that there is sufficient support for the changes we have put forward and are hopeful they will be realised at the next stage of the legislative process, in order to deliver greater protection for workers,” she concluded.

A copy of the Congress report on precarious work across Ireland, is available here.