Congress Against Proposal to 'Outsource Orchestra '

24 Apr 2018

National Symphony Orchestra

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions today (April 24) called on RTE to reject a proposal to remove the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) from the national broadcaster “as it would represent further de facto cuts to services and undermine RTE’s capacity to fulfil its public service remit.”

Responding to the proposals outlined in the Boaden Review, Congress General Secretary Patricia King said: “The proposal to remove the NSO from within RTE makes no sense, from a broadcasting, financial or cultural perspective. 

“The review itself confirms that the orchestra is already very successful and held in high esteem. In that context, there is no clear rationale behind this proposal and outsourcing of this key body will likely see its wider role and function diminished,” Ms King said. 

“Congress fully supports the stance of the Trade Union Group in RTE with respect to the retention of the NSO within RTE and also their call for both orchestras to be fully staffed and properly resourced,” Ms King concluded.