Community Employment Scheme workers to strike over Pensions

15 Feb 2019


On Monday 18 February 2019 members of Fórsa and SIPTU who are employed as supervisors and assistant supervisors in Community Employment Schemes will go on strike for 12 hours.

These workers are taking strike action as a last resort in an effort to persuade Government to negotiate with them so that they can have access to an occupational pension scheme and a decent income in retirement. Their claim for a pension scheme has been supported by the Labour Court and by Dáil Eireann who passed a motion calling on Government to put in place pension arrangements for these workers.

Congress General Secretary Patricia King said today, "it is an outrage that these workers do not have access to an employer sponsored occupational pension scheme. The existence of such a scheme is one of the things that marks out decent employers from those who wish to exploit ordinary working people. The fact that workers in these state sponsored schemes are denied this basic entitlement is not acceptable”. Patricia King went on to say that “in many cases these workers are involved in the provisions of essential services that are relied upon by some of the most vulnerable communities in our society”.

The Congress General Secretary further expressed concern that the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has in recent days written to sponsors of Community Employment schemes advising that funding may be reduced as a result of this industrial action.

The Congress General Secretary went on to to say that Government “should immediately engage with the representatives of this group of workers with a view to providing these workers with access to an occupational pension scheme”.

Contact: Conor Kavanagh ICTU Communications office 0868116607