Ireland's Richest 300 - Sunday Times

25 Mar 2019

Sunday Times

Ireland's Rich List has been published in The Sunday Times. The report states that the combined wealth of the richest 300 people is €87bn. The number of Irish euro billionaires has risen to 17 - half of them resident in tax havens such as Malta, Switzerland or Monaco, they are worth €42.031bn.

According to the report Beef Baron Larry Goodman became a billionaire this year. With his wife, Kitty Goodman, they are said to be the country's wealthiest couple, with their family wealth estimated at €2.455 bn. (Fourth on the list)

Tipperary brothers, Patrick and John Collison, are number two in the Rich List rankings, sharing a €5 billion fortune with the growth of their online payments company Stripe. Heading up the list is the Weston family, their food and retail interests have put them in first place at €11.932bn.

The Sunday Times reports that there are 225 millionaires from or based in the Republic of Ireland. The fortunes of the 225 wealthiest families and individuals in the Republic total €75.774 bn.The combined wealth of the 75 millionaires from Northern Ireland is €11.462bn (£10.856bn)

The Sunday Times Irish Rich List 2019: the richest 300 people in Ireland

  1. Hilary, Alannah and Galen Jr Weston and family (€11.932bn)
  2. Patrick and John Collison (€5bn)
  3. John Dorrance (€2.6bn)
  4. Larry, Kitty, Laurence and Mark Goodman (€2.455bn)
  5. Dermot Desmond (€2.017bn)
  6. Denis O'Brien (€2bn)