Eurovison Song Contest - Congress Statement

2 May 2019

Congress notes that the Eurovision 2019 Song Contest is being held in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 18th and will be screened by RTE.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has had a long held policy to work at national and international level to pressure Israel to comply with international law. The continuing occupation and effective annexation of increasing parts of Palestinian territories by Israel—in contravention of international law— undermines the viability of a future Palestinian State and has made everyday life unimaginably difficult for the Palestinian population.

Congress recognises that a number of key employees in media may have conscientious objections about involvement in the Eurovision song contest in Israel and that some employers acknowledge this.

Employees should be aware that Congress supports a policy of conscientious objection for workers who may be involved in production and urges all employers to adopt such a policy in this context.