Early Years is a Profession and Profit Centred Approach is Failing Everyone

26 Jul 2019


Early Years is a profession and profit centred approach is failing everyone.

Prioritising profit over the care and education of children is the result of the market driven model of childcare in Ireland according to SIPTU’s Big Start campaign.

Last night’s RTE Primetime Investigates exposed poor management practices aimed at maximising profit at the detriment of high-quality early years care and education. Children, parents and educators deserve better than the current system which is failing to deliver high quality childcare and professional employment for workers.

ICTU Secretary General Patricia King recognises the high-quality education and care that is delivered every day across the country by the vast majority of early years services. However, the pursuit of profit has monetised the care and education of young children. 

“Early years education and care is a public service that has been left to the hands of the corporate profit driven service. Investment funds are entering the market and their motive is to make money.

King added: “Early years education is a profession, not a business. When profit is at the forefront, quality falls by the wayside.”

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