Minister Bruton's plan to implement a Media Charge to replace the TV Licence Fee

2 Aug 2019

Congress is seeking a further meeting with the Minister to clarify his proposals.

The plan does not address RTE's immediate funding crisis and the consequent threat to jobs and quality programming.

Public service broadcasting is a vital part of a democratic society in an era when free speech is often controlled by global media giants. General Secretary Patricia King who met Minister Bruton recently said "I regret that the Minister has failed to take on board our concerns and appears to have been swayed by lobbying from the commercial sector. Congress has asked for an urgent meeting with Minister Bruton".

Congress backs SIPTU's call for the Minister to recognise the extent of the funding crisis facing RTE. General Secretary said "The plan is too little too late particularly as it will take five years to replace the licence fee" . Patricia King also supported the NUJ call for a commission for the future of media in Ireland to explore the challenges and opportunities.


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