Congress support for demands of Hong Kong Council of Trade Unions

14 Aug 2019

Hong Kong

Congress has written to the Chinese Embassy in Dublin in solidarity with trade union demands for freedom of assembly and free speech; the release of arrested protestors and an independent inquiry into human rights abuses by police. 

The HKCTU has reiterated its 5 demands: permanent withdrawal of the extradition law; release of the arrested protesters without charge; withdrawal by the authorities of their characterisation of the 12 June protests as “riots”; an independent investigation into police violence and abuse of power; and implementation of universal suffrage.

The action is part of a coordinated international trade union campaign to ramp up international pressure for cessation of direct attacks on the people of Hong Kong, many of them trade unionists. Congress joins with our global movement in standing side by side with our brave sisters and brothers in Hong Kong in demanding an end to the violence and universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

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