Congress Supports Go Safe Speed Van Operators Dispute

17 Oct 2019

Speed Vans

Congress supports Speed Camera Van Operators who are to stage a 72 hour work stoppage beginning on Bank Holiday Monday 26 October.

General Secretary Patricia King said “it is time for Go Safe to heed the Labour Court recommendation and recognise SIPTU as a representative of its employees. Thus far Go Safe has ignored the state’s industrial relations mechanisms”.

Patricia King said “Go Safe operators have an important function in the area of road safety, however their working conditions and terms of employment are completely unacceptable. The Department of Justice, and the Road Safety Authority  have constantly underlined  the value of speed camera vans in keeping death off our roads, yet they show scant concern for the working conditions of the people who staff these vans”.

Congress is of the view that both the Department of Justice and the Office of the Garda Commissioner need to address the matter of this breach of Public Procurement rules as laid down in current Public Sector Agreements.

Congress has requested these contract commissioning authorities to ensure that ‘Go Safe’ immediately comply with these rules and enter direct negotiations with SIPTU on behalf of their member.


For further information contact:

Brendan Carr, SIPTU Organiser on 087 2075921