Living in a Direct Provision Centre - one woman describes her experiences as a child growing up in Mosney

14 Jan 2020

elizabeth 3

The issue of Direct Provision Centres and the difficulties faced by immigrants are dealt with in our latest blog on this page. Nigerian born woman, Elizabeth Adeyemo writes about her experiences living in a Direct Provision Centre in Mosney, County Meath for seven years. She graduated from Maynooth and is studying for a Masters Degree at DCU.  Elizabeth calls Mosney "a decorated prison" but also says she loves this country and like other immigrants longed to be free to work, to build, to contribute and to give their children a chance.

Congress has worked for many years on the issue of asylum seekers, direct provision and the right to work.  There is a broad consensus among civil society that we must find an alternative to accommodation for asylum seekers other than the system of direct provision.  This position was recently confirmed by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination who in December recommended that the Government should develop an alternative reception model and take concrete steps to phase out the Direct Provision system. The article spells out why such action is urgently needed.