Congress Statement on COVID-19

2 Mar 2020


Congress is aware that workers may be concerned following the diagnosis at the weekend of the first case of Covid-19 infection in the Republic.

Congress calls on employers to actively engage with staff and their representatives on any implications that might arise in their workplace. In particular, measures should be agreed that seek to protect the health and safety of all workers but also ensuring that workers incomes are protected.

General Secretary Patricia King said, “employers must engage with staff and union representatives before decisions are taken regarding working arrangements as a result of the virus".

Congress is recommending that discussions between workers and their employers take account of the advice of Department of Health experts.

Congress is calling on the Workplace Relations Commission to engage with its stakeholders to develop an agreed response to the issues arising from Covid-19.

Patricia King noted that at present the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr.Tony Holohan has said he believes the risk of Covid-19 infection spreading in Ireland is low.

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