Congress response to €6.3 billion package - Gen Sec says it must protect jobs

5 May 2020


Congress notes the package of financial measures announced by the Minister for a Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform.

This €6.5bn allocation must be seen as a positive development provided it is deployed to protect jobs and to create sustainable, quality employment.

Commenting on the announcement Patricia King, General Secretary, ICTU said: Congress welcomes any measures which are designed to offset the consequences of Covid19 once funds are used to create decent jobs with decent terms and conditions of employment.

Congress will be insisting any applicants for State aid treat employees fairly, respect health and safety legislations and have due regard for industrial relations norms.

The emphasis on social  solidarity must be extended beyond the Covid19 crisis and the Interests of workers will not be side lined. There can be no short cuts in respect of employment rights or the welfare of workers.